Fade Away歌詞

時長:04分58秒 歌手:Pain

When I was young I thought I had my own key
I knew exactly what I wanted to be
Now I'm sure
You've boarded up every door
Lived in a bubble days were never ending
Was not concerned
About what life was sending
Fantasy was real
But now I know much about the way I feel
Don't paint you the picture
I don't think you live round here no more
I've never even seen the key to the door
We only get what we will settle for
While we're living
The dreams we have as children
Fade away
Fade away, away, away
They gonna fade away, away, away
Now my life has turned another corner
I think it's only best that I should warn you
Dream it while you can
Maybe someday I'll make you understand
Fade away(fade away)