shoots and ladders歌詞

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The Faint - Fulcrum and Lever
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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I heard a bone snap
When I was only about 9
The laws of gravitation
Were in adce a while
But not long before they taught me a lesson
In tough skin jeans like a Japanese Hessian
I was 70 pounds
Learning to fly
I knew I couldn't do if I didn't try
We called it "the field"
Where we used to hang out
A field of alfalfa in the back of a house
With a slice of an old oak tree
And a twelve-foot plank
Put the board on top
We got a flying machine!
Oh my god! We can teeter on this!
Or make a lever that can shoot me
Into orbit and space!
I've seen the circus
I know how they do it
With bent knees
You got to jump
Like you would from a trampoline
We got up a ladder
And the heaviest kid (5)
He would climb up top (4)