West Orange歌詞

時長:04分44秒 歌手:Helios

Gwen Stefani - Orange County Girl
☆ 制
Don't know what im doing back in the studio
Getting greedy cause he said he
had another sick flow
So I had to hollaback,
guess I didn't get enough
Still be the one to land
and I send my "tick-tock"
If you give me a clap,
im gonna give an encore
Don't want it to end,
I wanna skank some more
Im tripping on the best dream that I never had
I guess behind the orange curtain is not so bad
From the West Side of Anaheim,
a small world after all
Hanging out at the hotel,
selling makeup at the mall
Making out to "Purple Rain",
just like everybody else
Dame un beso, now stop,
im trying to save myself
In the ordinary calling girl way
Back in the 714 days
Trying to figure what I wanna be
Hanging in the garage, me and ND
Im just an Orange County girl
Living in an extrao