Dawn Of A New Century歌詞

時長:02分54秒 歌手:Secret Garden

作詞∶Tonny Allen/David Bergman
作曲∶Keith Emerson
It's time for us
To start all over trusting in our dreams
The light is love that gives us all the strength
To shine throughout our lives
A new dawn awaits us all
In years to come
We'll build a world where love is all around
We'll learn to live and there will be no doubt
And every heart will be true
The path we choose
Is leading us beyond our space and time
The whisper in the darkness of the night
Echoes eternally
Beautiful Melodies
The future waits
We'll build a new life from this fiery birth
A world where prophecies wait to be told
Fulfilled in time to come
We're children of the light
The future we will guide
The light will lead us on
Love is on our side
And bright are days ahead
In years to come
We'll build a world where

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