Real Man歌詞

時長:04分00秒 歌手:Lexington Bridge

You could buy me diamonds
You could buy me pearls
Take me on a cruise around the world
Baby you know Im worth it
Dinner lit by candles, run my bubble bath
Make love tenderly to last and last
Baby you know Im worth it
Wanna please wanna keep wanna treat your woman right
Not just told but to show that you know she is worth your time
You will lose if you choose to refuse to put her first
She will if she cant find a man who knows her worth, mhmn
Cuz a real man knows a real woman when he sees her
And a real woman knows a real man aint afraid to please her
And a real woman knows a real man always comes first
And a real man just cant deny a womans worth
Mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn….
If you treat me fairly Ill give you all my goods
Treat you like a real woman should
Baby I know youre worth it
If you never play me, promise not to bluff
Ill hold you down

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