When Tomorrow Comes歌詞

時長:03分31秒 歌手:Michael Learns To Ro

歌曲:When Tomorrow Comes
歌手:Michael Learns To Rock(邁克學搖滾)
卜超 製作
I I'm lying so quiet by your side
I'm afraid of you'll open up your eyes
Coz when the morning comes you'll say goodbye
And now I see a ray of sunlight on your bed
I try to move the curtain once again
It doesn't really matter anyway
I know it, it's all over
Coz when tomorrow comes
You began to slow down sunrise
I'm holding on to you all night through
Until tomorrow comes
Don't let nobody wake up and hush
Oh let this moment stay forever just for us
No, like garbage cannot falling (?) in the street
You are crying and you're talking in your sleep
I take your hand and listening to your breath
So it won't be long before the night through
The emptiness & loneliness we're rude
And t

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