I See You歌詞

時長:04分20秒 歌手:Leona Lewis

N'Sync - See Right Through You
Tell me what kind of girl would want to play me?
Tear me down and try to break me?
Baby how could you betray me
After all I've done for you
I been hearing bout you say how bout you love me
Better get your story straight baby
Tell me why you wanna play
I've had enough
These games they gotta stop
About to get pissed off
You had to keep leading me on baby
You thought you had me fooled
but I see right through you
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
I see a man who thought you loved me
you played me like a fool
but I see right through you
I look into your eyes
I'll tell you what I see
I see a girl who maybe lonely
Thought you had me fooled
but I see right through you
Tell me girl what's his name
What'd he do to take you?
Does he freak you the way that I do?
Cause you know that I know how to
When I need you don't come cryin' about me
I'll moving on y

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