Strong Will Continue歌詞

時長:06分02秒 歌手:Nas and Damian Marle

(Ooh, Ohh)
Here I stand before you - brown.
Color of the mountains
Colossal as the earth
Wrapped so deliciously within my own joy and misery
Feathers of my wings paralyzed by the distance of my mind
Here I stand before you, the color of the night
Frozen by the potential of me
(Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh) An Afro Angel
Afro Angel off your pedestal from perchin above
You on the prowl now, downtown, searchin for love
In all the wrong places, outside your radio stations
Hopin he with new hit single, is tryin to mingle
Today, he is in your town, puttin it down
You in the car with your friends, followin my limo around
Puttin a bug in my boy's ear, your "S" is for free
You'll do anything for Omar or Phil, bring you to me
And then me, hypnotized by the devil as well
Hold out my hand as an invitation into my hotel
No need to RSVP, place your hand in my palm
As all your girlfriends getting jealous, damn she landed the bomb
Willing to trade your spi

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