Happy Holidays歌詞

時長:00分42秒 歌手:Blink 182

Joe Budden - Happy Holidays (Ft. Emanny)
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Everyday's the same to me
Seven days in every week
Some look forward to it, but I don't change
Just for the holiday
You can have your Christmas tree
Go get drunk on New Years Eve
Some look forward to it, but I don't change
Cuz everyday's a Holiday
Cuz everyday's a holiday
Cuz everyday's a holiday
If they ain't tell me tomorrow was my birthday,
I would never know
Understand I'm kinda bad with dates
I don't need a party but a nigga need cake
I got too much on my plate to celebrate
Whole family unemployed so income now a void
Foot in everybody's bills so naturally im annoyed
It's like the year kinda flew by
And like a fool I, sat back and scrutinized
I'm high beaming on a dark road
All my goals now ashes on charcoal
I spark stoves, disr

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