City In a Rut歌詞

時長:02分52秒 歌手:Feeder

Jason Aldean - Church Pew Or Bar Stool
@ 製作
Ain't a whole lot going on
Small town Friday night
Revving up at a red light
On your mark get set go
Pass a mom and pop restraunt
Same four trucks parked out front
I guess ya gotta make your own fun
When you're stuck in a place this slow
There's only two means of salvation around here that seem to work
Whiskey or the bible, shot glass or revival
When you don't seem to run on either side of the fence
People act like you don't make sense
These big town dreams that I've been chasing
Will never come true if I wind up staying
And I don't want, to fall in, the same rut,
that everybody who seems to be stuck in now
Why do I hang around
In this church pew or bar stool kinda town
I'am like that am station
that never comes in right
till u pass