Marry Us歌詞

時長:03分55秒 歌手:Dag For Dag

Lucinda Williams - Plan To Marry
卜超 製作
when leaders can't be trusted
when hero's let us down
and innocence lies rusted
frozen beneath the ground
and the destitute isolated
we've all been forgotten
and the the fruit trees
we planted are withered and rotten
the abuse and magnificent suffer from infection
and the promises were given
but never with intention
war becomes common place, secrets overheard
and violence, big business and love is just a word
why do we marry?
why do we fall in love? keep on believing in love
because love, love is a my soar,
love is a weapon, love is a lesson
and we, we are the conquerors
we are the soldiers
we are the lovers

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