Move Along歌詞

時長:03分45秒 歌手:Ne-Yo

Lewie - Move Along Move Along
卜超 製作
you signed your name
onto the organ
that pumps life
all around my body
but now the ink has run
and all my blood is blue
its so cold in here
without the warmth of you
the nighttime aint about
sleep anymore
its about you and how you
closed that big iron door
shut me out
like a filthy outsider
i think a knife to the face
would have felt kinder
i feel like a nusance
told to move along, move along
or an expired item
but all the dates are wrong
but i still cling to
sparks of hope of you
cause a small spark looks brighter
in the dark, its true
but really i just aint special anymore
im just another face in the crowd
cause your soft jagged voice cuts deep into my chest
and screams so loud... as she says