All Time Low歌詞

時長:03分25秒 歌手:The Wanted

Went out on a limb, gone too far
I broke down at the side of the road
Stranded out the outskirts and the sun’s creepin’ up
Babies in the backseat still fast asleep
Dreamin’ of better days
I don’t want to call you but you’re all I have to turn to
What do you say when it’s all gone away
Baby I didn’t mean to hurt you
True spoken whispers will tear you apart
No matter how hard you resist it
It never rains when you want it to
You humble me low
You humble me low
I’m on my knees empty
You humble me low
You humble me low
So please, please, please forgive me
Baby Theresa she’s got your eyes
I see you all the time
When she asks about her daddy
I never know what to say
Heard you kick the bottle and you helped to build the church
And carry an honest wage
Is it true you have somebody keepin’ you company

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