We R Who We R歌詞

時長:03分25秒 歌手:Keha

Devil Take The Hindmost
R:miss giry, i'm not afraid of him.
i've bested him before.
and if he ever had the courage to meet me face to face man to man
R:No, no it can't be.
P:Not afraid of me, you say?
R:Stay back or I'll kill you, I promise you!
P:of course
as you say you've bested me before
but that was a long time ago
P:Look at you, deep in debt
Stinking drunk - pitiful
Shall we two make a bet?
Devil take the hindmost
R:Look at you, foul as sin
Hideous - horrible
Call the stakes, deal me in
Devil take the hindmost
P:Our Christine shall choose tonight
P:Let her choose
P:Is she yours or mine?
R:Draw the line
P:If she sings you lose tonight
R:I won't lose
P:You leave from here
R:Fine! And if she won't, if I win