Crazy Beautiful Life歌詞

時長:02分50秒 歌手:Ke$ha

Crazy Town - Beautiful
Now when the shit goes down
I'm always forced to grow
Forced to see all things that I still don't know
And if there's one thing I've learned
It's that it's never too late
To take a fucked up life to a beautiful state
Because I came from the bottom so I treasure the top
At times it seems your dreams are just a long shot
when the world's crashing down and the drama won't stop
You're chained to the past and you can't break the locks
'Cause nothing could be more beautiful
than watching the whole world
Crumbling down on me
So beautiful, so beautiful to witness the end
How far will I go?
And will I grow and will I learn to know
My addiction used to hold me like a lover feeling lonely
I was numbed by broken dreams
and what I felt the world owed me
I'd site and hit the walls till my fists were cut and swollen
My soul was