Don t Tell Me It s Over歌詞

時長:03分54秒 歌手:Deep Side

MARC ANTHONY: "Don't Tell Me It's Love"
We've been over this before
And I'm sensing you want more
I don't need someone who complicates me
And it's not that I don't care
But there's some things I can't share
Girl, I told you I'm not there
Girl, the world's been down on me
I don't need someone to own me
Girl, a lover is all I need
I'm the one who needs to hold me
Since I met you, I've been hearing the same thing
And it seems it's all we talk about lately
So before you go out on the limb
Don't tell me it's love
It's that look in your eyes that betrays me
And the things that you do to amaze me
So before you go,
Don't tell me it's so
What I'm offering's what you see
I'm giving you my honesty

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