Long Lost Penpal丶舒緩著夏天的酷熱歌詞

時長:04分12秒 歌手:L & D

曲:Long Lost Penpal
唱:Hello Saferide
Do you remember me
I am your long lost pen pal
It must have been ten years ago we last wrote
I don t really know what happened
I guess life came in the way
Let me know if you re still alive
Let me know if you ever used that knife or not
Yes I remember you
I ve got a husband and two children now
I work as an accountant and make fairly good money
I still have your letters, you used a pink pen to writ
e them
And you would comfort me
when my tears would stain the ink
And I would send you mix tapes with Kate Bush on
I have to admit I sometimes lied in those letters
Tried to make life better than it was
I still wasn t kissed at sixteen
And I still need a friend
There was this le

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