I like It歌詞

時長:03分17秒 歌手:Enrique Iglesias

I like It(當我墮入愛河)
藝人:Enrique Iglesias
Girl please excuse me
If I m coming too strong
But tonight is the night
We can really let go
My girlfriend is out of town
And I m all alone
Your boyfriend is on vacation
And he doesn t have to know
No one can do the things
I m gonna wanna to do to you
Shout it out, scream it loud
Let me hear you go
Baby I like it
The way you move on the floor
Baby I like it
Come on and give me some more
Oh yes I like it
Screaming like never before
Baby I like it
I, I, I like it.
Party, Karamu, Fiesta, Forever
Girl please excuse me
If I m misbehaving, oh
I m trying keep my hands off
But you re begging me for more
Round round round
Give a low low low
Let the time time pass
Cause we re never getting old
No one can do it better
Turn around I ll give you more