sorry for the stupid things 超級好聽的抒情R&B歌詞

時長:04分18秒 歌手:Mr.bandari

Sometimes we wish for the better
When we have it good as it gets
Sometimes the grass isn t greener
Sometimes we find out we forget
Sometimes the fool doesn t know he s a fool
Sometimes a dog he don t know he s a dog
Sometimes I do stupid things to you
When I really don t mean it all
Sometimes a man
Just don t be a man
It s not an excuse
It s just how it is
Sometimes the wrong
Don t know that they re wrong
Sometimes the strong
Ain t always so strong
Sometimes a girl
Is gon be a girl
She don t wanna deal with all the drama in your world
God knows I don t mean to give it to you
So girl I m sorry for the stupid things I wish I didn t do but I do
Oh so sorry, oh no, oh so sorry
Sometimes I wish I was smarter
Wish I was a bit more like you
Not making stupid decisions made at the last minute
You live to regret when it s through
Well, so