Overboard 活在當下 磁性Justin Bieber歌詞

時長:04分11秒 歌手:Justin Bieber

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It feels like we ve been out at sea
Whoa so back and forth that s how it seems
Whoa and when I want to talk you say to me
That if it s meant to be, it will be, whoaa
So crazy in this thing we call love
The love that we got that we just can t give up
I m reaching out for you
Got me out here in the water and I
I m overboard
And I need your love
Pull me up
I can t swim on my own
It s too much
Feels like I m drowning without your love
So throw yourself out to me, my life saver
Life saver, oh life saver
My life saver, life saver
Oh life saver oh
Never understood you when you say
Whoa wanting me to meet you halfway
Whoa felt like I was doing my part
It can t think o

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