Right Here Right Now(歌舞青春3 OST)歌詞

時長:03分06秒 歌手:歌舞青春

Right Here, Right Now
by Troy & Gabriella
Can you imagine, what would happen
if we could have any dream
I d wish this moment, was ours to own it
and that it would never leave.
Then I would thank that star,
that made our wish come true (come true)
Ohh Yeahh
Cause he knows that where you are, is where I should be too.
Right Here, Right Now
Im looking at you, and my heart loves the view
Cause you mean everything
Right Here, I promise you somehow
that tomorrow can wait, some other day to be (to be)
But right now there s you and me
It feels like forever, what could be better
We ve already proved it was
That two thousand words, twenty three hours, have blended the universe.
Its gonna be, everything (everything)
in our whole world changed
(it starts changing)
and do know that when we are, (when we are)
our memory s the same
oh no