You and me against the world歌詞

時長:03分21秒 歌手:ST 1004

You and me against the world - Tynisha Keli
It all started off hangin out doing what lovers do
When they re on their way to fallin in love
Everybody said leave you alone
Girl he s no good for you
But they can t judge what they don t know
Cause when I m with chu your all I see
And when you touch me my body goes weak
Your such apart of my idenity.
That without chu
There s no me
No no nooo
What were my dreams are now reality
You say all the things that I m about to speak
No one can ever change the way I feel
Baby it s you and me against the world
Ride or die to the very end
If your tires pop I ll be you second stand
Your my man no doubt that I m your girl
Baby it s you and me against the world.
They can hate on us if they choose
No matter what they do
It s gonna be me and you forever
The way you love me is unnatural
Like I m the only gi

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