e=mc2 很好聽的一首英文歌歌詞

時長:04分27秒 歌手:mariah carey

this is for my peoples
who just lost somebody
your best friend, your baby
your man or your lady
put your hand way up high
we will never say bye
no, no, no
mamas, daddys, sisters, brothers
friends and cousins
this is for my peoples
who lost their grandmothers
lift your head to the sky
cause we will never say bye
as a child there were them times
i didn t get it
but you kept me in line
i didn t know why
you didn t show up sometimes
on sunday mornings and i missed you
but i m glad we talked through
all them grown folk things
separation brings
you never let me know it
you never let it show
because you loved me and obviously
there s so much more left to say
if you were with me today
face to face
i never knew i could hurt like this
and everyday life goes on i wish
i could talk to you for a while
miss you but

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