I m Missing You一開始的節奏就讓人超舒服歌詞

時長:04分20秒 歌手:jiouly

I’m Missing You Bobby Tinsley 歌詞
i miss you my baby qier
Ohh babe... Ohh babe...
The nights are long, 漫漫長夜
My days are cold Without the warmth you provide me when I hold沒有你的溫暖,我感覺好冷
You in my arms feels so long ago 擁抱的溫暖似乎是很久以前
When you were there...想著你現在在哪裡
I think a teardrop just fell down..禁不住淚水就滑落
I really wanna come to see you好想見到你
I really really wish I could真的,好想好想
Maybe in a couple weeks, It s only a couple weeks...兩個星期後就能見面,只是兩個星期...
But even know I get to, It s 14 days I gotta get trough (it s too many days babe)我知道,就是等14天(可是,親愛的,太長了)
And I m really really missing you..我真的真的很想你
And I miss, miss, Miss..想你
I m missing you..我想你
And I don t know..我不知道
How I m gonna make it trough..我該怎么熬過這幾天
But I gotta, gotta, stay strong for us two..不過,我要,繼續等待
I m a man, It s a job that I gotta do我是個男人,這是我的工作,我總得要做好
So I go outside and I fake a smile..所以,帶著強裝的微笑我走出門去
But if they