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時長:04分57秒 歌手:夜 開場

Eminem - Hell Breaks Loose
@ 活在當下 製作
I want you to understand something
That when I come up in this b-tch I want the fans jumping,
I want the fist pumping in the air,
I don't look like a millionnaire,
But I feel like a million bucks,
Ladies wont ya fill your cups,
Shady's come to fill ya up,
If your a D or a C cup
You can even be a B
Its just me and DRE
You'll be in the ER we'll be strapped with so much TNT,
We may blow no not even CPR from the ENT
Could help you to resuscitate
You busters must be busting weight,
You cant cut the mustard, whats your problem can't you bust a grape,
Whats my name, shady came and just crushed the game,
Its really not even fair to them,
Cos they pale in comparisons
So much they might aswell wear a skin,
Dont you just wish you could share his pen
Cos this sh-ts getting embarrassing,


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