reasons in the sun歌詞

時長:04分08秒 歌手:westlife

goodbye to you my trusted friend.再見了,我忠實的朋友.
we re known each other we re 9 or 10.我們從孩提時就已相識,相知.
together we ve climb hills trees.我們一起爬山,爬樹.
learned of love abc.學會去愛和其他基本知識.
skinned our hearts skinned our knees.我們心意相同,情同手足.
goodbye my friend it s hard 2 die.再見了朋友,我實在不願意離去.
when all the birds are singing in the sky.當所有的鳥兒在天空歌唱.
now the spring in the air.空氣中瀰漫著春天的氣息.
pretty girls are everywhere.到處是漂亮的女孩.
think of me i ll be there.想我了,我就會與你同在.
we had joy,we had fun.我們曾共享快樂.
we had seasons in the sun.也曾共享陽光季節.
but the hills.但我們一起爬山
that we climbed were just seasons out of time.的那些日子已經逝去.
goodbye papa please pray 4 me.再見了爸爸,請為我祈禱.
i was the black sheep of the family.我是家裡的害群之馬.
u tried 2 teach me right from wrong.你費盡心思教我明辨是非.
too much wine too much song.我卻沉醉於歌酒狂歡中.
wonder how i got along.真不知道我以前是如何過日子的.
goodbye papa is hard 2 die.再見了爸爸,我實在不願意離去.
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