Only You歌詞

時長:04分42秒 歌手:Rappers Against Raci

Yeah, ah, yeah, aha, yeah, what, only you baby, only you
I reminisce, and think of how we used to be,
I bought roses, we kissed and you were holding me,
walking down the streets of our hometown, getting down,
wasting money, just fooling around, we felt free,
like birds in the sky, I want you to get everything, if I should die
high on hopes on our own dreams and scenes
got a ticket for a ride to reach the bright side
baby, there s a better life, no tears, no fears, no hate, no strife, no pain
Yo, I mma do the first,
You ll write me a letter that will ease my thirst
And then, sweetheart after you follow me
to the city of love, where we ll both gonna be
with a shy goodbye we made our own choice
as I sat on the train then I heard your sweet voice
All I needed was the love you gave
all I needed for another day
and all I ever knew
only you
All I needed was the

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