will of the heart歌詞

時長:04分24秒 歌手:死神

311 - My Heart Sings
@ 活在當下 製作
4 A.M. this hotel room and I think of you
Not in anger, but in danger of calling you
My mind's a long, long way from ?
And now the good times just keep drifting back in, woah
Breathe it on out the end will come so freely
You'll figure it out the answer will come so clearly dear
Let it all go cause we can't know just what will be
Hard it is to set you free
It's so much easier that way
My heart sings when I think of you
That is what you do
A melody that will settle me
That is just the thought of you
My heart sings and it's time you knew, yeah
My heart sings
I'm not made of stone, I'm only flesh and bone
I'm half crazy and amazed that you are alone
Let's sit on the shore, watch the ocean breathe
(sit and watch the ocean breathe)
It's getting dark but we both don't want to l