winter in july 歌詞

時長:04分32秒 歌手:Sarah Brightman

Look around wonder why 尋尋覓覓,始終迷惑
We can live a life that s never satisfied 為什麼我們能繼續著從未曾滿意過的生活
Lonely hearts troubled minds 每顆心都孤寂,情緒不曾平靜
Looking for a way that we can never find 有條路從來沒找到,但我們一直在尋找
Many roads are ahead of us 那么多選擇在我們面前
With choices to be made 哪一條路是正確的呢
But life s just one of the games we play 其實生活不過是我們進行的遊戲之一
There is no special way 沒有哪條路非走不可,亦不會有捷徑
Make the best of what s given you 珍惜一切賜予,把一切做到最好
Everything will come in time 一切都會如約而至
Why deny yourself 為什麼要放棄自己
Don t just let life pass you by 別讓生活忽略你
Like winter in July 如果你的感覺始終是冬季,哪怕是在七月
Future dreams can never last 關於未來,夢想從不結束
When you find yourself still living in the past 你卻看見自己仍然活在過去
Keep moving on to higher ground 努力站得更高
Looking for the way you thought could not be found 尋找那條我們曾以為找不到的路
We may not know the reason why 也許我們永遠不會明白
We re born into this world 為什麼我們來到這個世界
Where a man only lives to die

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