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Keyshia Cole - Playa Cardz Right (Feat. 2Pac)
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Another Shady Mission, Tricks Like Watching Pictures And Hazy Vision.
Tonight Is Love Making Take You Any Place You Wish,
Today We Satisfy And Stay With Stolen Kisses
Blind Insanity, Perfect Pictures Of Me And My Family
Not Understanding The Death That They Plan For Me
If I Have Kids Will I Live To See Em Grow
But I Don’t Know I Live The Life Of A Thug Nigga Until The Day I Go,
No Broken Promises, A Sacred Bond Broken, I Know I Die Alone
But Yet Still I’m Hoping, Vision Of Prison Maybe I Be Forgive
I Know It’s Better In Heaven, Cuz Being Here Ain’t Living
Close My Eyes And See Nothin But Pain The World Crazy,
Still Looking For A Queen To Plant Seeds And Have Babies
Maybe I’ll Be The One Or Just Maybe I’m Lost
You’ll Never Know Being Cautionz If You Playa Cardz Right.