When You Believe歌詞

時長:04分35秒 歌手:Mariah Carey

Many nights we pray多少個夜晚我們在祈禱   With no proof anyone could hear並非每個人都能聽見   In our hearts a hopeful song我們心中的希望之歌   We barely understood自己也不能理解   Now we are not afraid 現在我們並不害怕   Although we know there s much to fear雖然我們知道未來有許多艱難險阻   We were moving mountains long我們負重已久   Before we know we could只是原來並不清楚我們的能力   There can be miracles奇蹟將會出現   When you believe只要你肯相信   Though hope is frail希望雖然渺茫   It s hard to kill卻不可磨滅   Who knows what miracles you can achieve誰知道你會創造怎樣的奇蹟   When you believe只要你肯相信   Somehow you will你就會   You will when you believe只要你肯相信,你就會創造奇蹟   In this time of fear在害怕的時候  

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