時長:03分15秒 歌手:DJ 聯盟4 製作
Just Jack-Life Stories
This is for every life story
Every detail
Ex-dot com millionaires
With shitty jobs in retail
Every ingrown toenail
Pile of junk mail
Driving test drive fail
Vain search for the Holy Grail
Every move you make
Every breath you take
Every 12in record your dumb
girlfriend decided to break
And all the underachieving geezers
getting more lean and peezer
on melon Bacardi Breezers
and skinny plastic cached reefers
And every impotent porn star
And the girls with the red lights
doing tricks for Mars bars
And all the ravers
that wish they were back in '89
Because everything was so much better the first time
Jack jack jack jack your body
And all the bastards looking for change in the station
Every money grabbing musical coll

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