Outlaws Of Love歌詞

時長:03分51秒 歌手:Adam Lambert

Honor Society - Two Rebels
LRC: 朱古力 製作
I know you're scared
Everybody gets a little bit of stage fright
But when prepared
And the mood is set
And it's come together just right
What should we do now that
we're caught in the middle of the spotlight?
I can feel your butterflies
If we kiss will they fly away?
We had our whole life scripted
But we tossed it to the side
Those words can't tell us nothing
Come on baby let's improvise
Do you trust me enough
if we become two rebels?
Just like outlaws on the run
All we have is each other
We can eat, sleep, breathe our love
If you become a rebel with me
The night is young
And when everybody's fast asleep
we're still rehearsing
The sun comes up
I can see you in the dark
But you're looking even better in the morn

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