時長:03分15秒 歌手:yocho

混音/母帶:ARK Studio
It was just another day
When I came back home without a single mate
Open up the door and just saw single grave
(打開房門 只看到一片死寂)
Mama called me down the stairs yelling what I've been made
(媽媽叫我下來 怒斥我做的一切)
then a man came straight to me
Without a chance slaps on my face
(毫無懸念 抽打我的面孔)
All the fears all the tears like that damn days
Comeback to me smashing up all damn ways
Say due you gotta wake up
Why you still put on all these makeups
Why you always addicted to the street clubs
All the fellows all the sorrows wish you give up
but who can save the boy from the wood
full of violence crimes and damn drugs
(從暴力 犯罪和該死的毒品中拯救)
life is a struggle is not just a single word
look at the scares that no damn love
(看看那些傷疤 只有恨沒有愛)
I wis