Make it work歌詞

時長:01分39秒 歌手:Ne-Yo

David Guetta - Play Hard (Feat. Ne-Yo、akon)
Come on baby and drop this
Scrub that floor and just mop it
Show these gangsters how you cock block it
Don’t care what you got in your pocket
I get the way that you rockin’
Flip that thang thang don’t stop it
When I just bang bang and pop it
While the club crowded just watch you (work it out)
Got a gang of cash and it’s all thrown out on the bar (now work it out)
And it’s going fast cuz I feel like a superstar (now work it out)
And you may not have it, I might just broke the law (now work it out)
It’s your time to grab it, now make this whole thing yours (now work it out)
Hey, said us hustler’s work is never through
We makin’ it ’cause we make it move
The only thing we know how to do
Said it’s the only thing we know how to do
Work hard, play hard
We work hard, play hard
Keep partyin’ like it’s your job