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Songs to Fan the Flames of DiscontentSongs to Fan the Flames of Discontent發行日期:1996年6月7曲目:1. Rather Be Dead2. Coup DEtat3. Hook, Line Sinker4. Return To The Closet5. Life Support Addiction6. Its Not O.K...7. Crusader Of Hopelessness8. Worthless Is the Freedom Bought...9. This Trust Will Kill Again10. Beauty11. Last Minute Pointer12. The SlayerEverlastinEverlastin發行日期:1997年2月4日1. Burn It2. Symbols3. Sunflower Princess4. I Am Not Me5. Everlasting6. The Real7. Pretty FaceShape of Punk to ComeShape of Punk to Come發行日期: 1998年10月28日曲目:01. Worms of the Senses/Faculties of the Skull02. Liberation Frequency03. The Deadly Rhythm04. Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine05. Bruitist Pome #506. New Noise07. The Refused Party Program08. Protest Song 6809. Refused Are Dead10. The Shape of Punk to Come11. Tannh?user/Derivé12. The Apollo Programme Was a HoaxzThe New Noise TheologyThe New Noise Theology發行日期:1998年11月17日1. New Noise2. Blind Date3. Poetry Written in Gasoline4. Refused Are Fucking DeadThe EP CompilationThe EP Compilation發行日期:2004年5月25日曲目:1. New Noise2. Blind Date3. Poetry Written in Gasoline4. Refused Are Fucking Dead5. Rather Be Dead6. Jag Auml;ter Inte Mina Vauml;nner7. Circle Pit8. Lick It Clean9. Voodoo People10. Burn It11. Symbols12. Sunflower Princess13. I Am Not Me14. Everlasting15. Real16. Pretty FaceThis Just Might Be... the Truth發行日期:2006年8月26日


1. Intro2. Pump The Brakes3. Trickbag4. 5th Freedom5. UntitledThis Just Might Be... the Truth6. Strength7. Our Silence8. Dust9. Inclination10. Mark11. Tide12. Bottom


  • 2009-02-21歌曲:怒火攻心片頭曲


  • 1998年推出專輯:《The New Noise Theolo》
  • 1998年推出專輯:《Songs to Fan the Fla》
  • 1995年推出專輯:《Everlasting》
  • 1994年推出專輯:《This Just Might Be T》