sweet song abc歌詞

《Sweet Song ABC》的歌詞如下:

A little bit of ABC

Little bit of A to Z

Everyday is a new city

With you by my side

A is for the apple

That grows in the orchard

B is for the bicycle

That we ride to the park

C is for the cat that jumps

Through the window in springtime

D is for the dog that wags

Its tail as we stroll along

E is for the elephant

With its big brown trunk

F is for the fish that swims

In the deep blue sea profound

G is for the geese that fly

In a V formation up in the sky

H is for the horse that runs

At full speed all day long with a grin

I is for the imaginary friend

J is for the jumping jack

K is for the kiss you give

That makes my heart skip a beat

L is for the lamp that shines

Upon our faces at night

M is for the million things

That make me love you every single day of my life

ABCD, EFGHIJKL, M and all the other letters too

Make up a world of people full of variety and you

Each one unique like no other child could be

Put them all together and what do you get?

The sweetest song in the world

Just me and you