時長:03分27秒 歌手:Gareth Gates

Randy Houser - Absolutely Nothing.I backed my Chevrolet out the driveway and straight to the stationFilled it up with gas, grabbed a bag of ice, a Mountain Dew and a Slim JimOh, and a couple of ice cold beers tooAnd I slung a little gravel rock, burnin' out that parking lotFound a long dirt road and the perfect river spotAnd broke out them beach chairsAnd we sat down right there and I pulled out my guitarStarted strumming on it.I wrote a song 'bout absolutely nothingWith my toes tapping in the sandShe sang along, just me and my baby hummingNothing, loving life just doingAbsolutely nothing (woo-hoo-hoo)Absolutely nothing (woo-hoo-hoo).Well she was skippin' rocks right from her seatAnd I was poppin' tops and I popped a stringYeah man that sun must've been a hundred degreesOh but we had a cold river at our feet, and every now and th

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