Too Serious Too Soon歌詞

時長:03分44秒 歌手:Gareth Gates

I wonder where you where
I wonder what your thinking about tonight
I wonder
Maybe your alone
Maybe you've been crying just like me
I don't know why I lost your touch
Maybe I wanted to be loved too much
Too serious, too soon
I wanted you to love me
I wanted to be there for you like no one else before
I wanted you to love me
It's been a rainy afternoon
Now I'm Staring at the moon
Thinking, we got too serious, too soon
I told you every day
I told you every night in every way
I love you
Maybe you got scared
Maybe I have nothing else to say
But I love you
So baby now my life's a mess
Cause I'm
cos I couldn't love you any less
Thinking ,we got too serious, too soon
Too soon
It's not right
It's not fair
It's in you baby cuts like a

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