Angel On My Shoulder 面對著外面的大雨聽著的一首歌歌詞

時長:03分48秒 歌手:gareth gates

song:angel on my shoulder
singer:gareth gates
album:pictures of the other side
my life was flashing before my eyes
a second later,i walked away i realized
my heard had crashed and burned in shame
you pulled me from the flames
i took your hand and you helped me upon my feet
i confessed but you had forgiven me
there s courage in the truth you said
our love will never end
you shield me from danger, you re my shelter
you are my hiding place
there s an angel on my shoulder, here tonight
making sure that i m alright
when i m falling fast, you rescue me, you love unconditionally
and when i m cold and so alone
back in your arms i feel at home
i pray that you will always be, a guardian angel
sent for me
my dream comes between us every now and then
i make mistakes, get in trouble, time and again
i ain t proud of who i am
when i m down you understand

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