Yearn For Change歌詞

時長:04分20秒 歌手:Paradise Lost

Trey Songz - Love Lost
LRC: 朱古力 製作
reminising i remember me
and you we used to play with the dogs
while you were sleep id stare,
stare while you lay in my arms
and now im stuck on stupid rain
forrest couldnt get wetter than you get
i used to beat it up you gave me your love
i abused it now im facing the music
oh how i yearn for your touch
im so lonely now that you left me
if i could run away you know i would
and im hurtin cause girl
i never loved you like i should
when your love is lost
your whole worlds thrown off
when the one you need dont need you
what do you do when love is lost
i was trippin wouldnt listen
now im sitting sipping shots at the bar
now im riding to the 90's hits
listening to aerosmith
i dont wanna close my eyes
dont wanna fall asleep
tell me how i can i be fly
without the wind

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