Fabulous - Sharpay & Ryan歌詞

時長:03分02秒 歌手:歌舞青春

☆Sharpay&Ryan Fabulous☆
☆ qianjunyifa
Its out with the old and in with the new
Goodbye clouds of Gray,hello skies of blue
A dip in the pool,a trip to the spa
Endless days in my chaise
The whole world according to moi
Excuse Me(Thank You)
Iced tea imported from England
Lifeguards imported from Spain
Towels imported from Turkey,
Turkey imported from Maine
We're gonna relax and renew
I want fabulous
That is my simple request
All things fabulous
Bigger and better and best
I need something inspiring to help me get along
I need a little fabulous is that so wrong?
Fetch me my jimmy choo flip flops
Where is my pink prada tote
I need my tiffany hair band
And then I can go for a float
A summer like never before
I want more!
She wants fabulous
That is her simple request