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Closure In Moscow - Reindeer Age
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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I'm seeing their false perception
With my true perception
And he's my canary in their mine
I was gonna tell everyone
But you forced through, you left
Through the eye of the sun
I was gonna tell everyone
You are such a clever devil
I felt space and time vibrate
I've seen a glimpse
A tracing overlapped emits the evidence
So how do I transcend?
The hinges on this door
are much too heavy for my unanointed hands
I've got to fornicate with these severed ties
So long as there is no disease your prostitute has had
She's sleeping in the steeple so to keep the penitent beds
Fostering all my milestones like she'd shrug off with the shore
Bearing the fruit of embellishment
I've got to take it from her
I felt space and time vibrate

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