Making A Movie歌詞

時長:03分55秒 歌手:Ne-Yo

My Private Movie
(Spoken):(yeah)(check it out)
(Shane):Pretty girls are all around
I'm looking up and down
Till my view finder
Finds you in the sand
(Mark):(oh yeah)
(Shane):Zoom in 'till you feel the flame
You're driving me insane
(Mark):(driving me insane)
(Shane):And the way you're acting's telling me you feel the same
(All):Everything you do
Everything I see
The sunlight on your body
Is working for me
(Mark):(is working for me yeah)
(All):Take after take
Watching every move you make
(All):There's only one thing that's missing
Picture me all over you
Picture you all over me
Baby, you're the star in my private movie
You're stealing the love scene
Right out of my dream
(Shane):We see the sun come up
The violins are playing
Girl we're making love
In my private movie (my