Top Of The World歌詞

時長:03分01秒 歌手:Carpenters

Randy Houser - Top Of The World.Hand in hand, up on Lover's LedgeSittin' out on the edgeOur legs hangin', look at God paintin'The sunset from this truck-bedIt sure looks perfect.Yeah, everything about this is rightAnd everything about tonight.Baby don't it feel like we're the highwayRadio turned up and we're the songThat's on it and baby don't itFeel like we're a mile highCan't breathe, you can see everythingMoon, the stars, it's ours, it's like we own itBaby don't it feel likeWe're on top of the world, top of the world, yeah yeahWe're up on top of the world, top of the world, yeah yeah.Make a wish before that star burns outThat's a little bit harder nowWhen you got what you want, what you already wished forThis kiss, this momentYeah, I just wanna stay in it.Cause everything about this is rightYeah,