Our Song .屬於我們的鏇律歌詞

時長:03分24秒 歌手:Taylor Swift

歌名:Our Song〖屬於我們的鏇律〗
演唱:Taylor Swift
I was riding shotgun with my hair undone〖我坐在副駕駛座上 不修邊幅〗
In the front seat of his car〖在他車子的前排座上〗
He s got a one-hand feel on the steering wheel〖他一隻手握著方向盤〗
The other on my heart〖另一隻手放在我心上〗
I look around, turn the radio down〖我環顧四周 將音量關小〗
He says baby is something wrong?〖他問 寶貝有什麼問題嗎?〗
I say nothing I was just thinking〖我說 沒事 我只是在想〗
How we don t have a song〖我們怎么會沒有自己的鏇律〗
And he says...〖他回應著...〗
Our song is the slamming screen door〖我們的鏇律就是那猛然關上的紗窗〗
Sneakin out late, tapping on your window〖夜深了偷偷溜出去 輕叩你的窗戶〗
When we re on the phone and you talk real slow〖講電話時你那特殊的慢速聊天〗
Cause it s late and your mama don t know〖天色已晚 所以你媽媽毫不知情〗
Our song is the way you laugh〖我們的鏇律就是你大笑的方式〗
The first date "man, I didn t kiss her, and I should have"〖第一次約會 "唉 我沒有親她 我應該親的"〗
And when I got home ... before I said amen〖當我回到家 在我對天祈禱之前〗
Asking God if he could play i

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