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Hate It Or Love It
The Game feat. 50 Cent
Lyric by rummyjulia
to my pretty boy~_*
Yeah, let's take 'em back
Comin up I was confused, my mommy kissin a girl
Confusion occurs comin up in the cold world
Daddy ain't around, probably out commitin felonies
My favorite rapper used to sing, "Check check out +My Melody+"
I wanna live good, so shit I sell dope
Four-four finger ring, one of them gold ropes
Lana told me if I passed I'd get a sheepskin coat
If I can move a few packs I'd get the hat, now that'd be dope
Tossed and turned in my sleep that night
Woke up the next mornin, niggaz had stole my bike
Different day, same shit, ain't nuttin good in the hood
I'd run away from this bitch and never come back if I could
Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top
And I'm gon' shine home