時長:04分04秒 歌手:Joey Moe

Saturday the show was down
I left the party with the dark of the dawn
cause i couldn t wait to go to see the things
then i saw you standing there in a whole way
watching you with your roommate
now tell me how could i forget that day
when i give you everything you want
give you everything you need
give you all of my love baby
don t you walk away from me
by oh by
oh my god
oh my~~
i caught you cheating,i saw the spring there
i hope never healing.but i am willing to forgive you
cause i am feeling that i am still believing
cause i am im prison without you by my side
give me one more try to make
if i left my body hit the ground
my hope will keep the champion down
oh baby baby baby how could you do this to me
do this to me~~
when i give you everything

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