My Last Serenade歌詞

時長:03分54秒 歌手:Joey Moe

My Last Serenade----Joey Moe
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (4x)
Don’t be surprised
That these are my last words
My last hour of my last day
I’ve taken all the sorrow
I can bear you
And now I think I’ll turn
Turn and walk away
As wipe cause the tears are building up in my eyes
Feel like I got nothing left to love in my life
20 years of age and its time to say goodbye
Cause I don t even want to try
To make it through the night
Tell them to forget the show tonight (And I don’t wanna sing)
Tell them I’ve given up alright (And it don t even mean a thing)
Make sure the headlines say (I did it for love)
With you it all fades away,
There’s no more words to say
No more you and me,
Cause the music left with you
And now I’m alone on the balcony
With no more songs to sing,
Only this last serenade
And you know I sing it for you
It won’t be a lie
If I told you my life was hurt<

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