Bye Bye [改版] (remix2)ft. Jay Z歌詞

時長:03分58秒 歌手:Mariah Carey

ye bye (remix2)--mariah carey
the guns goes blast
another day goes past
i don t miss my dogs
i m wishing the days
could go fast
so i could crash
close my eyes
try to go to sleep
and bring you back but
i can bring you back
(nah can bring you back)
so i back
back memories of us
acting bad
wish time could freeze
but time is up
and i promise ya
imma hold it down
till it s my time
to leave and i m ok
i mean
am allright not ok
and it hurts my soul
i won t see your face
but if u truely
are in a better place
like what say
and that s ok
i ll be allright
i ve been up all night
like if i didn t
with my nigga to be living
with the time
tick-tick-ticking away
so forever i m forever
i m in search of yesterday
like a beattle song
i close my eyes
repeat the song

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